Sunday, June 18, 2017

how to be a good engineering student 101: how to manage the task?

before, i was post about how to make a great GPA (in indonesian). now, i want to share about how to manage our task? you know, engineering student's task is so much, it contain structural task and a usual task. especially civil engineering student, we have a lot of structural task like concrete structure, steel construction design, bridge and roadway, etc. in the first semester, we must finished about structural analysis. is that so difficult? hm, i think it's depend on your spirit do doing it. if you want to have a great result and you mean it, it seem not difficult as it seems. so, how to manage the task? first, you have to : 

Breakdown the part
when we do the structural task like concrete structure or road way design, the collage was give us a format to doing it. so, you must breakdown all the part so you know where you can start it. usually, we received like chapter 1, 2, 3 then until it finished. in the chapter 1, we have sub-chapter, etc. we breakdown it until we found the smallest part of it. 

Make a target 
after we already breakdown it, we make a target to finished by the deadline. if you have 2 months to do it, it means you have at least 60 days to do it. so, it's time to make a daily target, weekly target and more. so you know how many part you have to finished in a day, a week and a month. 

Be Discipline
you already have the smallest thing to start, you already have a daily, weekly and monthly target then you have to discipline to finished the target. if you mean it, i pretty sure that you can do it well. if you have revision, so clear it well too. be discipline a key to finished anything. 

start it as soon as you can
the best job is the job when started. if it just a plan, it's never be a good job. start it as soon as you can. make a quality time to finished it. when you get bored, take time. but never give up. sometimes, if you want to reach something great, you have to fight against your self. 

the last i say.. don't believe in luck, believe in never give up. good luck and good bless you!


Fatimah Fauzan

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