Saturday, July 08, 2017

Life Hacks: how to keep motivated

let me tell you a story.

someone ask me, "how you can be always exiting with every part of your life, even the bad part?" you can believe me when i say: i know how to keep motivated. my life, as yours is same. sometimes we face the moment that we thought contains things we don't want, in my case is my study. i was being engineering student since 2012 and still going because i have to face a lot of things i don't want, but i have to. so, my family decide me and Riffa have to move on, it means our study period longer than it should. 

there's things i don't want happen, i can do nothing about it. at that time, i know one thing i can do : I MUST MAKE THIS WORTH IT. so here i am, study like tomorrow doesn't exist. always challenge my self what i can see if i don't give up.

besides, my mom and dad are not parent who give me everything i want. they give me what i need, not i want. so, it's burn my spirit to finish my study so when i do my own project in our company dad was promised me he never interrupt everything i bought. that's why i never negotiate about my study, i must give the best of me in everything to finish this. 

is beautiful as it self, because i believe God create we all to be happy. motivation is not to be found, it must be created. you must create your own motivation. and sometimes, it came from something you don't want but you don't want trapped so long. 

keep going, keep smiling. don't give up!

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