Thursday, March 08, 2018

Hello, March!.

there's so much draft in my blog i can't finish. oh my Gosh! this march is really really busy time for me because this month is the beginning of my newest semester. so, my schedule is still random. i can't find the muses of my schedule soon. but, March is March. March is still wonderful as it best. as always, so.. in the middle of my messy schedule, i still choose to enjoy March!

just studying randomly. it the one as much as i can do for it best. i read the books randomly. sleep, eat and watch the Netflix tv-shows i do randomly too. hopefully i can enjoy this month as fun as i can yes?
and for my newer program to makes my life more fun and happy, i choose to try to move a lot. 

i try to walk to my collage. yes, people.. I WALK! because i think that if i don't do that, i never move. i don't like any kind of sport. so i choose to walk to my class every day. and yes, i try to learn speak Chinese and soon or later, i try to learn playing classic piano. 

pardon for my random post. have a great day, people! 

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