Sunday, December 13, 2020

Civil Engineering Online Graduation

November 28, 2020 I officially graduated from undergraduate. it was cloudy that day, but it wasn't raining, Alhamdulillah.

I chose online graduation, instead of drive thru graduation because I don't have to go anywhere, and graduation online is fun! because i did it at home haha.

after graduation, I had to attend the wedding of daughter of my mother's friends, there we had a good meal and I met the our Paman Guru there. and surprisingly, he answered the question that had been a mystery to me throughout my life. thank God for the nice answer, it's so memorable and i want to always remember that day :)

Allah said at His Qur'an, "Pray, and I will grant it." is the ultimate point on Paman Guru's answers of my questions. 

and it makes me pray a lot, contemplate more and wake up at 03.40 AM everyday. Thank God, to made that day is one of the best day of mine and also, made that day is the truest celebration. 2012 - 2020 is not a short journey of education and there is so many lesson learned. my course is not easy at all and there's so many tears, hope and pray to me to reach that day. 

after this, i want to marry my love ones (amin!.) and grab my master degree. hopefully i can hold 2 masters degree from very different major. Master of Arts in Broadcasting Journalism & Media Production, also Master of Constructions Management. 

me and my mom shared a big dream, we want to manage our media broadcasting company well and build a  personality school. me and my dad also shared a big dream, we want to run our consulting group better and greater. 

like i said in this post there is so many time to pray, study and heal. so, i must put my focus properly. 

this is a gratitute and the a beginning. 

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