Thursday, December 31, 2020


ya Allah, please disposes me and him to become us. please made me to be his and him to be mine.

ya Allah, this is me will all i have. i prayed because your command. this is me with all my surrender, begging to You for your blessing and approval. may You let us being together, as husband and wife, being parents together and rising our future kids. 

ya Allah, til death do us part.. please let us being together, with all Your disposes.

ya Allah, i know he's not perfect. i know there is someone better than him. i know he has flaws. 

ya Allah, deep in my heart i know for sure that he is the one. i know that the destiny is totally Yours.. but please let me hold this believing. he is all i want, with all of his imperfections. i want him, even though i know there is a time i will annoyed, sad or disappointed because of him. 

but still, i do love him. 
ya Allah, maybe my pray had a long journey to reach the sky. and if i have to less sleep to pray harder, i do. 
i do with all i have. 

maybe my prays should be paddled stronger. 

untukmu . 
terima kasih untuk hadir yang menenangkan, 
ada yang menggembirakan dan pemilik sisi misterius yang memukau. 


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