Tuesday, April 06, 2021

The Penthouse (2021) K-DRAMA

everybody screaming.

that’s the second thought I got when I finished the first season of this dramas. dear God, I cant’ believe that I was enjoying makjang drama. the penthouse has a unique plotline, mystery yet comedy. every episode I passed, I know that life is not as hard as Hera Palace member’s life.

I made a list of the favorite ones and the worse on my own. I know that there’s nobody who kind enough because every episode I watched made me want to curse everyone.

but Joo Seo Kyung was my favorite one, and Bae Ro Na is the worse.

I hate Oh Yoon Hee, but not so much. because I hate her screams. Cheon Seo Jin is good, I love it while the actress stands so strong, even while crying.

life is good, life is chill. when you watched the penthouse, you know what exactly I mean.

see you, I’ll continue watching the next season!

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